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Hook Eagle Morris Men

What a fine bunch of men!

The Team

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 Even Bigger Shaun Squire John Trellis
Dense Foreman
Foreman o' Music

Active Troops

Andy the Claw Anne Barry BJ Brian
Caz Daniel Dave H Dean EBS
Healey James Jan Kev Godley Ninja
Pete D'Banjo Rob2 Luke

Old Boys and Country Members

Andy Big Sean Bill Cap'n Dave Chris
Colon the Barbarian Craig  Derek the Nutter  Ed "The Bastard" Eric the Eagle
Gareth Geoff Ball Geoff Sadler Graham S Graham T
Jameson  Jim the Cabin Boy Jon Head Lambo Leaky Nigel
Les Mandy Mark Martin Martin C
Mike Lanng Mrs The Nutter Nick, the Nutter's Brother Nine o'clock Nigel Normski
Reverend Jon Richard Rob1 Rob3 Rog
Tim Maynes Tim Taylor

Eric the Eagle

Eric the Eagle
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