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Hook Eagle Morris Men

What a fine bunch of men!

Rules for Musicians

Presented by Gareth Kiddier, Foreman of Music,
at the Hook Eagle AGM 5th Oct, 1996

The Band, Boxing Day 2004

The Rules

Dear John,

There was a dispute during the Hook Weekend of Dance regarding the rightness of musicians playing out of kit. The musician concerned was referred to the foreman of music for a decision. As foreman of music (deceased), I have considered long and hard.

Here is my decision which, unless I've been voted out, will, no doubt, form part of the constitution for the forthcoming year.

  1. Musicians don't have to be in full Hook kit to play.

  2. Musicians "in kit" don't have to know the tunes.

  3. Musicians "out of kit", who want to join in, must know the tunes.

  4. Musicians "in kit" must like the "out of kit" musician who wants to join in.

  5. Musicians "in kit", who don't like the "out of kit" musician playing, must state the reason clearly, openly, and in a spirit of positive development.

  6. Musicians "in kit" are above criticism and must never be challenged by musicians "out of kit" who know the tune.

  7. An accordionist is a musician whether "in kit" or not; a trombonist without a legally binding statement of competence is not, and is a danger to all other musicians.

  8. None of the above apply to John Kirkpatrick who can play in a gold lurex leotard as far as I'm concerned.

Thank you,


(Please note that the opinions expressed above are not necessarily shared by the dancers
(especially Rule 7 part 1))

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