What a Lovely Day

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RMW. (1995)


Rickett's Hornpipe, played undotted with a slight Caribbean feel.  Tune known by many names, but this is what Ashley Hutchings used to call it.


Set of 6,8,10,12? in two lines.


Single step (cycle step).  Left foot lead. Stand for chorus.  In all figures, clash sticks forehand once with partner, violence and a shout on step 8 (i.e. half way through each complete 16 step figure), and finish figure with STOMP-STOMP:


Foot up
Right shoulders

Dozy Doe

Left shoulders


Once to yourself: stand for the OTY facing partner across set.  On the final beat (what would be the last step) clash sticks violently once with partner, and turn to face up to go into foot up...

Foot up:

Four steps on the spot facing up, then take 3 steps to turn out and face partner across set and clash with him once on step 8.  Immediately turn down (on the hop of step 8), and dance four steps facing down, then three steps to turn out and face partner again, but this time finish with STOMP-STOMP.


Knob-cracking, FBFBFBF-B-F-BFB.  Odds hit evens first (4 bars), then evens hit odds.

Right shoulders:

Cross over right shoulders, turn to right to face on step 5, step 6 on the spot, surge in on step 7, and clash loudly with partner on step 8.  Then 8 steps waistaround back to place.


Tops cast up and out, followed by their own sides, to reverse set (7 steps), and clash with partner in new set position on step 8.  Then they cast down and in to put set straight again (8 steps).


Right hand star round once back to place (7 steps), clash on step 8.  Then left hand star round once back to place.

Dozy Doe:

Everyone does a right shoulder dozy-doe round partner (2 steps across passing right shoulders, 2 steps sideways behind partner, and 4 steps back to position, clashing sticks once with partner on step 8).  Then everyone does a Left shoulder dozy-doe similarly (but without the clash)


Each side turns to their left and surges 4 steps (i.e. odds go up, evens go down), turning out on step 4, and dance 3 steps back to place, to clash forehand with partner across set on step 8 and doing a 360 deg turn anticlockwise on the hop of step 8.  Then all dance 4 steps to the right, turn out and back to place.

Left shoulders:

Same as right shoulders but pass by the left and turn to left.


Turn OUT, into half rounds for 7 steps to re-form set, clash with partner on step 8.  Then turn OUT again for the second half rounds and finish with in-and-out, or out-and-in, as called.