Spotty Banana

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Richard's warped mind.

(New for 1997)


Banana Boat Song.  What more can be said?


Set of 6.

Long sticks.



In all figures (except Square), the 1h2h is on the spot and the 123h is used to move.

Stand for Chorus.


Bottoms up
Lichfield Hey
Sides around


Sides Around
Lichfield Hey
Bottoms Out

Bottoms Up:

All start facing up.  All do 1h2h on the spot, then bottom couple surge 123h up the middle to top position whilst rest do 123h backwards to move down 1 place.

Repeat 2 more times (to put all back to place).  Final 1h2h to turn in to face partner and 1LR to stand for chorus.


Sticking whilst standing:



Sides Around:

In the following, all turns are on the 2 of the 1h2h:

All 1h2h to turn to right on the spot.

123h to SURGE two sides in opposite directions.

1h2h to turn to left to face across set.

123h to surge across set.

1h2h to turn to left, on the spot.

123h to surge back to set shape, opposite to original place.

1h2h to turn left to face partner across set.

1LR to surge into place for chorus.

Everyone has swapped sides.



2  4  6   >    2  4  6              >

1  3  5   >                1  3  5  >


           1  3  5   >       1  3  5     >

                        >                      >  1  3  5

                        >                      >  2  4  6

2  4  6              >        2  4  6    >

Lichfield Hey:

In place on the 1h2h, move on the 123h:

Top 4 (nearest music both times) swap places across diagonal, bottom pair swap places across set.

New bottom 4 swap places across diagonal, top pair across set.

New top 4 swap places across diagonal, bottom pair across set.

1h2h1LR- in place to start chorus.

Everyone has swapped ends and sides.


Double length figure:

Middle couple left arm swing for whole figure and back to place.

Ends left arm swing partner round once for 1h2h123h, then use the next 1h2h to cross over to opposite side to form a big square, and 123h on the spot in the square.  Then use the next 1h2h123h to swing next person round set, and 1h2h to next corner of square and 123h on the spot.

Continue twice more back to place, so we get 3 couples swinging along set, across set, along set, across set. 

Bottoms out:

As Bottoms up, but as each couple come up to the top, on each of the 123h they move out sideways rather than back, so that all end up in a line across set for the last 1h2h1LR to finish.