The Rotherwick Lead Miners' Stick Dance

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Richard?s warped mind.

(New for 1999 (the dance, not the warped mind))


"Yellow Bird" - everybody's Caribbean favourite.  The important difference about this dance compared to others is the each chorus and figure is 24 steps long.

Tune in ABC format | Midi | pdf


Set of 6 in two lines of 3.  Start facing in.


Single step (cycle step).  Left foot lead.  Continuous stepping for whole dance.


Chorus (Tips)

Bottoms up (1)

Chorus (Tips and Butts)

Circular hey

Chorus (Top and bottom)

Dozy doe and cast

Chorus (Tips)


Chorus (Tips and butts)

Circular hey

Chorus (Top and bottom)

Bottoms up (2).


8 steps stepping and sticking

8 steps private loop round to left (with initial clash, as in Skirmish).

8 steps stepping and sticking.


Tips chorus: Hit stick tips with partner 8 times, on the beat.  All hits are forehand.


Tips and Butts chorus: Hit sticks with partner 8 times on the beat, hitting stick tips and butts alternately.  All hits are forehand.


Top and Bottom chorus: Hit stick tips with partner 8 times on the beat, hitting alternately high (eye level) and low (knee level), moving stick in a large arc between each hit.  All stick hits are forehand.

Bottoms Up (1):

Bottom couple go up middle of set to the front on 4 steps, then on step 5, all do small loop outwards and downwards to move back one place on four steps.  Repeat twice to get everyone back to place.

Dozy doe and cast:

Nos 2 and 5 cast out down to opposite end on 8 steps whilst rest do right shoulder dozy doe with person opposite and to the right - diagonally forwards on 2 steps, 2 on the spot, 2 straight back so odds move down one place and evens up one place.  2 on the spot.  Repeat twice till everyone is back to place.


Tops cast out and down outside of set to bottom, inside bottoms, outside middles back to place (8 steps);

Bottoms cast out and up outside of set, inside tops, outside middles and back to place (8 steps);

Middles cross over passing right shoulders, then turn right to go all way round the end couple (i.e. 3 goes round bottoms, 4 round tops) and back to place (8 steps).

Circular Hey:

Circular hey started by tops passing right shoulders across set and 3&5 and 4&6 passing right shoulders along side of set.  Keep passing alternately left and right shoulders till back to place - 4 steps to pass each person and to get to next set position: 1 in place, 1 to clash sticks with passee, and 2 to get on to next position.

Bottoms up (2):

As bottoms up (1), but all finish facing up and with sticks held up in two hands.  The dance finishes with a STOMP-STOMP-OI!