Hook Tandoori

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Hook Eagle Morris Men

What a fine bunch of men!

Hook Tandoori

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Hook Eagle

(New for 1997)


Orlando's Return, inspired by Gas Mark 5 but played as a slow dotted hornpipe.


Straight line of 6.

Single short stick each.


Single step.  Stand for sticking


Sticking / Hey / Sticking

Ends Ho

Sticking / Hey / Sticking

Dozy doe

Sticking / Hey / Sticking

Middles Ho

Sticking / Hey / Sticking

Cross and round


First time in each sticking/hey/sticking:  Top couple hit sticks F-B-FBF-, whilst others keep sticks on shoulders.  Then middle couple hit sticks, while top and bottom don't.  The bottom couple hit sticks while top two couples don't.  Then all three couples do.

Second time, as first, but starting from the bottom.


Whole hey for 6, starting by passing right shoulders.

Ends Ho:

2&3 and 4&5 do right arm / left arm swings for 8 / 8 steps whilst ends do a Ho around them and back to place for 16 steps.  Both ends start by passing right shoulders, and hit sticks as they pass through the middle on steps 4 and 12.

Dozy doe:

2 steps pass partner right shoulders to face someone else (except those now on the end, facing out, of course!);  2 steps hit sticks with person you are facing (FFF-);  2 steps complete dozy doe to face own partner; 2 steps hit sticks with partner (FFF-);  2 steps pass partner by left shoulder to face somebody else, as before; 2 steps sticking as before; 2 steps to complete dozy doe;  step-stomp-stomp on the spot (no sticking).

Middles Ho:

1&2 and 5&6 do right arm / left arm swings for 8 / 8 steps while middles do a ho around them and back to place (start by passing right shoulders, hit sticks as pass through middle on step 8).

Cross and round:

All turn out to left to form round (2 steps), 2 steps on the spot to turn to left, then surge into ANTIclockwise whole rounds, and finish with out-and-in, in-and-out, lead-off as called.