Fresne Poret (pron. Fresny Porrit)

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RMW + Hook Eagle

(New for 1998)


Random Hornpipe, taken from a pub session run by Florida.  Believed to be based on Random Jig.  Slowed down and given a heavy dotted hornpipe feel.  Sounds epic on trombone and clarinet, with no effing melodeons.


Set of 8 (or 6) in two lines of 4 (3).  Start facing up.


Single step (cycle step).  Left foot lead.  Stand for sticking.


Foot up.
Sticking; hey; sticking.
Sticking; hey; sticking.
Sticking; hey; sticking.
Sticking; hey; sticking.

Foot up:

Stepping on the spot facing up for 8 steps, surge up into crowd for 2 steps, 2 steps on the spot, reverse back to place and stomp-stomp to face partner - 4 steps.




(F=forehand high;

 B=backhand high

 L=backhand low)


Whole hey Adderbury style for 16 steps, i.e. middles turn out, all start with a right shoulder pass.

Variation for 6: hey on the side with end couples backing out for the first two steps, middles turn up to start.


Cross right shoulders to other side (4 steps), turn right 180? on 5th step, then 3 steps on the spot.  2 steps to surge right across at the crowd on opposite side (pass right shoulders - no clash, no swing), 2 steps on the spot facing crowd.  Turn right 180? on step 5, step 6 on the spot, back to place on 7 and stomp stomp.


Two steps across set, passing Right shoulders into opposite's position (and no further), two on the spot, turning to face out in a direction directly out from the centre of the set, then 2 steps to surge out towards the crowd, and 2 on the spot facing crowd.  Then 4 steps BACKWARDS, to set where you came from, turning round the long way to face front on the last one.  Finally two steps back across set (pass right shoulders again), and turn right and stomp stomp on final 2.


All do small loop round to the left (4steps), cross over to other side passing right shoulders and clashing sticks with partner on step 5, and continue to complete a figure 8 shape by looping round to right on the opposite side, ending up as if to pass partner by the left shoulder (8 steps in all so far).  On the way past partner on step 9, link elbows and do elbow swing back to place (16 steps for whole figure).

Note that you cross the centre line of the set at an angle of 45?(ish), not 90?


Turn out into clockwise large rounds as normal for first 4 steps, then start to spiral in for next 8 steps, to end up in a very tiny round shoulder to shoulder for 2 steps.  Explode out into crowd for last 2 steps.