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Hook Eagle Morris Men

What a fine bunch of men!


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Dilwyn Village sign


Traditional dance - adapted from version by Silurian MM. (1992)

"The Dilwyn Stick Dance, from the village of …Stick Dance!"


Not For Joe.  Play tune very quietly for first sticking and loud for second sticking each time. 
Band shuts up during the song, if you're lucky.


Any multiple of 4 dancers, in two lines.  Start facing partners across set.


High knee single step, NO forward or backward kicks with the free leg.  Lots of stomp.  Left foot lead. 
Stick on shoulder when not sticking.


Cross Overs.
RH Star
LH Star
Cross Overs


F-F-FFF- F-F-FFF- twice, first time very gently.  Second time with lots of welly.

Cross Overs.

Facing UP the set, do a cross over dancing sideways (keep in lines!), left side of set passing in front of partners, 8 steps.  Belt across as fast as possible, then step on the spot.  Repeat 4 times (new LHS passing in front).  On the last time finish by leaping back into set with a loud yell.

RH Star:

Each subset of 4 does a RH star for 8 steps (half the A music); then turns round into...

LH Star:

LH star for 8 steps, and back into place.


My friend Billy had a ten foot willy,

and he showed it to the girl next door.

She thought it was a snake,

So she hit it with a rake,

And now it's only five foot four.

Too-ra-loo-ra-li-do, Too-ra-loo-ra-li-i-do,

Too-ra-loo-ra-li-do, play it on the old banjo.


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