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Hook Eagle Morris Men

What a fine bunch of men!

Click Go The Shears

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Source: Chorus taken from video of Motley Morris.  Figures invented by BAZ & RMW (1992).

Music: Strike the Bell (or Click Go the Shears if you're Australian).

Download: ABC | pdf | midi

Formation: Set of 6 in two lines, facing up.

Long sticks, two handed for sticking.

Step: Single step (cycle step), stick on shoulder when not sticking.  Stand still for sticking.


Foot up

Foot up:

Dance on the spot facing up, turn to face partners on last four steps, finish with stomp-stomp ready for sticking.


Consists of sticking, loop, sticking, loop.


    F = forehand to partner,

    R = backhand to opposite right

    L = Forehand to opposite left

    B = backhand to partner

    - = pause

Loop:  dance in a smallish loop anticlockwise (start by going to your left!), each dancer doing his own private loop,
but keeping in line with the other 2 on his side.  Hit sticks with partner on first step with violence and a shriek.


1 & 6 change places on first two steps, with a shriek, passing Right shoulders

2 & 5 change places on steps 3-4, with a shriek, passing Right shoulders

3 & 4 change places on steps 5-6, with a shriek, passing Right shoulders

All dance steps 7-8 on the spot.


Next 8 steps change places back again in the same way.


Middles go to their right.  Form 3-man stars, and do RH star for 8 steps;
turn out into LH star for 8 steps and back to place.


Middles go to their right, to form a hey at the ends, dancing between the two dancers to their right, e.g.:
No 3 turns to his right and goes through space between nos. 1 & 2, to start the hey by doing a left shoulder pass with
No. 1. 
Go round the hey twice, but you have to move reasonably fast in order to get back to place ready for the stomp-stomp.


All turn the long way into a normal clockwise rounds. Turn out and jump in on last four steps to finish.

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