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Hook Eagle Morris Men

What a fine bunch of men!

"Speak softly....and carry a big stick" - Theodore Roosevelt

"Cooler than a snowman's nadgers!" - comment on YouTube

CarFest South


Sunday 25th of August

Actually it's on the 23rd and 24th as well. Us only on Sunday though.

Near Overton. No sheep though.

See where we've been in Seventeen
. . . and a little 18

Now with added Phœnix

And Some 2016s

And even some 2015's


A Word from Our Founder:

“Well, what can I say other than express my delight that you have survived and will soon enter into Folk History? Bless you all!”

Stuart J. Foster - a proper Vicar!

Folk History?

Well, we did make the Oxford Mail.

More importantly the Fleet News & Mail.

And the Day of Dance went well - here's a video.

Random Even-less-recent outings:

Our Twenty-first and Folk Weekend Oxford.

Some Ninja-gets-arty time-lapse shots at the 2014 Cracker.

Us at Dogmersfield Fête:


Photo by Les Williams, nicked from Get Hampshire.

Visit AreYouDancing for all your dancing needs.

Except Border Morris Dancing; you're already here.


Eagle logo

Hook Eagle have been certified (You couldn't tell?)

Is morris dancing dying?  Hook Eagle explain why not on Thames Valley Tonight

"Why do you paint your faces black?" - Hampshire Life colour spread

And the “ Official” stance - and some background information.

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Last updated 14th May 2019.

Hook Eagle Morris is a men's Border Morris Team based in Hook, Hampshire, UK.

Practice night is Friday in the winter (October to April) at Elizabeth Hall, Hook .
Afterwards you can usually find us at the Crooked Billet alehouse under the care of Richard and Sally Sanders,
purveyors of fine beer and chips to the gentry.


Call or Email one of the officers below for details of the venue. 


The Squire Even Bigger Shaun squire@hookeagle.org.uk
The Foreman Jonathon Buisson foreman@hookeagle.org.uk
The Bagman
John Ellis
    +44 (0)1252 642444
The Webmaster Tony webmaster@hookeagle.org.uk


Newcomers are always welcome, be they novice, dancer or musician, just call one of the chaps above to confirm where we'll be on any specific Friday night.

Rain dispelled, Wars won, Tyrants vanquished, Sunrises Guaranteed, Crops fertilised, Earthquakes quietened, Floods mopped up, Virgins cured, most plumbing contracts executed. Beer and Donations actively encouraged.

Bookings accepted for Major Events, Festivals, Weddings and other festive occasions.

This site recommended in the Winter 1996 Edition of the Morris Federation Newsletter
but nobody has said a good word since.

Hook Eagle Morris are members of the Morris Federation for reasons that have been lost in the oral tradition.

Hook Parish Council

Visit our Home Village's homepage

We also appear regularly in neighbouring villages, including Hartley Wintney and Odiham:

Hart District Council

Odiham Community Odiham Parish Council

This and associated pages are Copyright
© 1996-2019 Hook Eagle Morris
Eric the Eagle logo ©Catherine Walton

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